Why we built a Barndominium

It was May 2016, My husband Jeffrey and I just bought one acre of land near Waco, Texas.

As soon as we bought the land, I immediately started designing my dream home. The dream home that would put us with a mortgage for the next 30 years. I had a portfolio of floor plans that I liked and took them to a local architect. He designed the home I had been dreaming of.

It was not 24 hours after we brought the house plans home that my husband showed me a metal building home his buddy at work built for $35,000.00. Then the conversation started….

I said to my husband “what if we built a home like that? We could be mortgage free if we went that route.” There was something so liberating to think of living a life without a mortgage. There was no turning back. We made the decision to build this style of house withing a 5 minute conversation. Back to the architect went.

We had plans drawn up for a 1500 sq for house with 7ft porches on both sides.

Floor plan:

So why did we decide to build this style of house? To live a DEBT FREE lifestyle.

I documented our building journey on huntfarmhouse Instagram account




26 thoughts on “Why we built a Barndominium

  1. Beautiful family and home! Thank you for sharing and looking forward to updates! God’s blessings Overflowing on all you do💚


  2. We are on our way to building debt free. This house, your journey, has been such an inspiration to how we would like our home to look. Thank you for taking the next step and sharing through a blog. Keep the posts coming, I am excited to follow!


  3. I absolutely love the house plan!!! Would you be willing to sale me a copy of the house plans and the metal building plans? What are the dimensions of the building? LxWxH
    How thick was your concrete pad? Sorry for all the questions but I’m about to build myself and been having a hard time finding a plan I like. This would be a great help for me. Thanks for sharing your story. Yes God is good!!


  4. I am beyond ecstatic to find your blog. We have been looking at this style for several years. We are getting ready to start the entire process, buying land included. I’m hanging on every word.


  5. Left a reply on another post, before reading this one. Y’all ARE in same, general neck of the woods our property is. (Doable drive) Hoping you will share some references with me so I can find out if we might be able to use them. THANKS AGAIN for sharing!

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  6. Hello. My husband and I are really wanting to do this same thing! But ,we have two small children And plan on one more sooner than later .Also , my husband works full time and I work part time. We are just nervous about how and if it will work for us going this route for a house . Any honest opinions will help in our decision. How long did it take to build yours …how often did you and your husband work on it every week…..did you have trouble getting permits for everything without being general contractors ….etc.?! Look forward to hearing your feedback . Thank you 😊


    1. It took us 6 months to build. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and his schedule is one day on and two days off. He worked on it on his two days off work. We did not have to build to code because we are in the county. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  7. Hi. What is the color y’all went with on your sheet metal? Is that a matte black? I have never saw that before. I’m getting ready to start building soon and still haven’t decided on a color, but that’s a real head turner with the wood. I think i found my inspiration.


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