Hunt Farmhouse

Barndominium Budget


We built our 1800 square foot house for $95,000.00.  Total cost per square foot is $52.

When we decided to build a barndominium style house, my husband and I wrote up a detailed budget on what we projected everything would cost. We put together a list of everything we could do ourselves and a list of what we would have to subcontract out.

We knew the more work we could do ourselves the more money we would save. For the projects we subcontracted out, for example the A/C work, we called at least 3 different companies and shopped around for the best quote.

I am going to break down our budget and how we were able to save as much money as we could throughout this project.


Work we contracted out:

Work we did ourselves:

$95,000.00 is the final budget on what we spent on the house. When we first wrote up our budget we had it costing us $75,000.00.

We went over our budget because we ended up adding a loft halfway through framing the house. Another expense we did not plan on were granite countertops. I tried concrete overlay and it did not work. I will be dedicating an entire post to what happened with that project later.

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