How We Purchased our Metal Barndominium Frame

One of the questions I get the most about our build is “where did you buy your metal building? Was is a kit or a custom build?”.

I am going to discuss:

-Who we purchased the metal building from

-If we ordered a kit or a custom building

-The cost of material and labor

Who we purchased the metal building from:

When we decided to build a metal building home, our first step was to have floor plans drawn up. Once we had the floor plans, we contacted two local metal building suppliers to get a quote. We contacted Pioneer Steel and Mueller Inc. to get a quote from them. We took our floor plans to them and they gave us a quote for materials based off our floor plans. Pioneer Steel quoted us for $19,500.00 and Mueller Inc quoted us for $12,500.00. Our goal for this build was to cut cost anywhere we could, so we bought the building supplies through Mueller.

If we ordered a kit or a custom building:

We bought the metal building by taking our plans to Mueller and they ordered the material based off our floor plans. We did not look into purchasing a kit option. I do not know the cost difference in purchasing a kit vs a custom frame. I knew what layout I wanted and the custom frame was the best option for us.

The cost of material and labor:

The cost of the material for the metal building was $12,500. We called Mueller and Pioneer Steel, and they gave us a information of different contractors that could put up the building.

My husband and I also would drive around town and look for metal building houses and get ideas from them. One day, on one of those drives, we found a barndominium being built. We noticed there were people at the house working, so we drove up to talk to them. We ended up talking with the general contractor on that job, and he gave us the number of the metal building contractor he uses.

Out of all the quotes we received for putting up the house, his guy gave us the best quote. We paid him $7,000.00 to put up the metal building.

My next post I will be talking about how we saved $10,000.00 on our slab.

I document our building process on my Instagram page @huntfarmhouse


16 thoughts on “How We Purchased our Metal Barndominium Frame

  1. Thank you for posting this! I was just about to ask you on Instagram but figured I would see if you posted it here first! 😂 when you went with your plans how did you know where the beams and things would be placed? I have made my own design so I’m thinking this may be better than looking into a kit for us to save some bucks!


      1. Thank you! Did you have like an engineer or architect go through your design before you got the metal then? Can I email you personally by any chance or DM you on Instagram maybe I have so many questions and with each answer I have a new one or my husband does 😂


  2. My wife and I are currently planning to do this same thing. Even love ya’ll house design exactly as is. DId ya’ll look into the metal framing for the interior walls or just went with the wood studs? Just saw the metal studs somewhere in my researching and was wondering price wise if either would be a more cost effective option. Thanks for all the information. It will be very helpful. God bless!


      1. Yeah I didn’t think about metal either until I saw them as a home kit, but if we do the loft idea we will probably need to do wood for support reasons. I think understanding the building codes part is the part I am most concerned with. You have been so helpful already with the loft idea! Thank you.


  3. When you bought your frame, did it come with just the basic frame ( I beams and supports) or did it also come with the metal roofing and siding? Another question I have is how did you tie in the I beams to the slab? Are they cemented into the slab or just sitting on top?


    1. The building came with the siding and metal roof as well. There are metal plates cemented into the slab and the builder welded the steel to those plates. The builder was out here when we pour the slab and put those in right before it dried.


  4. How is the insurance on the home? We are looking into building and are curious on who will insure and for what amount. Your home is beautiful!


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