1800 sq ft Barndominium Floor Plan

This post is going to be all about our floor plan. I am going to go over dimensions, what I like, and what I would change about this floor plan.

When we designed the layout, my husband wanted the layout to be simple since we would be doing the framing ourselves.

When we had our plans drawn up, we did not plan on adding a loft. It wasn’t until we were done framing the down stairs that we realized how much more space this would add. So we decided to go with adding the loft and I am so glad we did. We use it as a play room/homeschool room right now.

I am so happy with how everything turned out but building a house for the first time you learn so many things on what you would do different. Some things I would do different are:

I would put the kitchen where the dining room is right now. This way we could have put an actual stair case going into the loft, where the kitchen cabinets are right now.

I would not do an L vanity in my master bathroom, and add a tub.

I would like the laundry room to be a little bigger.

The stair case would have to be my number one issue with this house. If we had planned on the loft, I know we would have laid the floor plan out differently.


The house is 45×35

7ft porches

The peak of the roof it 19ft

The pitch of the roof is 6/12

Master bedroom is 13×13

Bedrooms are 10×10

Laundry room is 6×6

Loft is 12×26

Ceiling height is 9ft in bedrooms

Loft ceiling peak is 8ft

Living room ceiling peak is 18ft


58 thoughts on “1800 sq ft Barndominium Floor Plan

  1. Hi Abbey,

    I love the simplicity of your home!

    Just curious why you’d switch the kitchen and dining? Is it just to make room for normal stairs?

    Thanks for giving us a peek!


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  2. Just started following and love this! We are currently building and was worried about the bedrooms being too small. Ours are also 10×10. Can’t wait to see the bedrooms and the rest of the house. Thank you for letting us follow this journey with you!

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  3. Just started following today. We were going to build a conventional home but decided to go for a pole barn house. Thank you for sharing your experience and lessons learned with us, God Bless!


  4. LOVE!! How much did you end up spending on the entire home, start to finish. We got some quotes for local contractors and we feel they are pretty high. Did you guys do it yourselves?
    thank you for sharing.


  5. Thanks for sharing your plans/dimensions! We are actually looking at doing something very similar, but with full stairs (like you mentioned).

    What size are your sidewalls? And given the chance to start over, do you feel going with 35×50 would’ve given a little more breathing room in the house over 35×45, or are you happy as is? Thanks!


  6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. This is exactly what my wife and I are planning to jump into ourselves. We want to be free of debt and just don’t need the size house we have now. It is scary to build a home yourself with very little experience, but we are trusting God through every step. What sold me on your site was the “loving Jesus” part. God bless and thanks for sharing!


  7. I love your home! We have been planning on building one the same size with a similar layout. Before your blog on the loft I was trying to think of a way to layout the stairs and never thought about moving the cabinets. I did think of building them over the hall doorway and just making a passage under the stairs into the hall. I’ve looked at hall pass-throughs on Pinterest and they can look really nice. Maybe that could work for y’all? Thanks for posting all this information! It’s really helping us to plan.

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  8. Just seen your house on Pinterest and followed the path to your IG and your blog page! My husband and I are in love! We just bought 13 acres and are looking up floor plans something around 1700-1800sq ft. I know it’s different per state we’re from Kentucky and we have 50k to put down to start building. About how far do you think we could get with doing things on our own?


    1. I mean this is an area that’s hard to answer. We contracted out the big projects like the slab, plumbing, electrical, Sheetrock, and whatever we felt confident we could do ourselves we did it ourselves. If you can do as much of the work yourselves you can save so much money instead of contracting it out. I hope this answers you question please let me know if you have any other questions.


  9. I found your instagram through Pinterest and I am so happy I did! My husband and I live in Alabama and have been wanting for years to build a barndominium! I have an uncle who lives in Galveston, TX and he says they are all over the place there. It’s been extremely difficult to find any info on how to build but with your blog I have a great start! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  10. Hi! I just started following you today and I absolutely love your home. My husband and I are looking to do something similar. We aren’t exactly sure where to even begin though. I showed my kids, also 2 boys, your loft and they both insist that whatever we build must include a loft! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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  11. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. It is very inspiring. Would you mind sharing your timeline? How long the process took?


  12. Love this! You’ve inspired my husband and I. We have 3 kids and didn’t think we’d be able to afford a home like this, but your story is so encouraging! Question: do you have a storm shelter/solution? We’re from Kansas 🌪


  13. I’m going to build a small Barndomenium, in the 800-875 sf range. Searching for a house plan I like without having to make changes. Don’t want to move walls, plumbing or electrical.


      1. Hi … I too am a Jesus loving Mama to 2 girls. My husband and I are wanting to build something very similar to your house. Can you send me your plans or tell me where you found your plans?


  14. Hi! i love reading your story, and i keep coming back to it lol we are wanting to do a simple metal home with 4 bedrooms around 2000 sq ft. we own the land. How long did it take before you actually moved in. I feel like i read it before but cant seem to remember.


  15. I love your house and your story. My SO and I want to build with very little or no debt and your story popped up in our research. Do you have plans that have more detailed measurements. I saw in your blog you had some measurements like bedrooms, loft, etc. but wondering about more.


  16. Do you feel that a 13×13 master is big enough can you fit a king bed comfortably? Also you said you would make the laundry bigger how would you do that with your layout if could do over.


    1. Yes it fits a kind bed comfortably. We also have a chair and a dresser and there is plenty of room. We would have had to adjust the size of the building if we we’re going to make the laundry room bigger. It wasn’t possible with the layout we have.


  17. My husband and I are just now beginning planning for our own similar project. I want something simple and affordable, and have been searching for a plan just like yours. I really wanted that loft area (also envisioning a play area and homeschool area for our 2 boys!) – but all the plans I found online that included a loft… they were just, so extravagant. And while it’s fun to dream, that is so not what we’re looking for.
    So – thank you SO MUCH for sharing your plans and home! It looks amazing!
    Did either you or your husband have framing experience prior to this?


  18. Also – with the house being 35×45 and the 7 ft porches – are the porch areas included in the size of the building?


  19. Hi. Great job on the build. Question for you on the size, you say 1800 sq ft, but 45×35, which is actually 1575 sq ft. Can you explain the difference in size?


  20. I am building a similar house. 64×40 with 750 square foot loft. I am also having trouble with my stairs as I did not plan for the loft until after I started the build. We basically have the same stairs to the loft but mine won’t be as steep. What is your measurement from the wall of your stairs to the wall that your TV and fireplace are on? I’m worried about my living room being too narrow after adding stairs. Thanks.


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