Barndominium Loft

When we built our house we did not plan on adding a loft. We were trying to save as much money on this project as we could, and felt the loft would put us way over our budget.

It wasn’t until we finished framing the downstairs, we realized how much more space we could add to the house. With two little boys, it would be so nice to have a place for them to play. We wrote up a budget on what this would cost and felt like it was worth the extra cost and we needed to make work.

I am going to cover what this project cost us, what the dimensions of the loft are and what I would change about it now if we had planned on this space.

Loft Measurements:

Roof peak: 8 FT

Side wall height: 5 FT

Floor width and length: 12×26

Total square footage: 312

Cost of material:

Wood: $1000.00

Carpet: $800.00

Sheetrock: $500.00

Window, Paint, Electrical:$300.00

Stairs, Railing: $800.00

Total cost to build the loft: $3,400.00

What I would change:

The only thing I would change is the stairs. If I had planned on the loft, I would have changed the layout of the kitchen and put an actual staircase going into the loft. The stairs would be where our kitchen cabinets are now.

Other than changing up the stairs, I am so thankful we ended up doing the loft. We use it every day. Right now it is a playroom and homeschool room.

On the side walls of the loft we added doors and decking to both sides. One side of the loft holds the A/C and on the other side is the attic.

My goal with this blog is to help anyone with questions that I found myself asking before we started building our house. I hope this helps anyone that is building this style of house or is interested in this type of build. If you have any questions please ask.

We documented our build on Instagram at Huntfarmhouse


10 thoughts on “Barndominium Loft

  1. Looks so cute! We are in the process of actually building one in the next few months. What is your footprint? 40×60? how many bedrooms? and do you have the floor plan you can share?


  2. Looks amazing, we are contemplating building a cabin, looks like you have a steel building rather than a pole barn,am I right? How tall is your building ? A loft would be so useful for extra company. Love your home!


  3. I cant help but notice in the pics that there is no insulation. I have a few questions about it. 1. What did you use for insulation? 2. Have you noticed that the house is “noisy/loud” when it rains or is it not noticeable? How efficient is the house, does it hold heat in well?


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