DIY Shiplap Fireplace (On A Budget)

Shiplap walls are one of my favorite ways to give the house a farmhouse feel. I knew I wanted to add shiplap to our fireplace whenever we were building our house. I started researching the cost of this project and found faux shiplap to be the way to go, since we are trying to cut … Continue reading DIY Shiplap Fireplace (On A Budget)


Farmhouse Sink: Single VS Double Bowl Sink

The farmhouse sink, in my opinion, sets the farmhouse design throughout the entire house. It is the core design piece of the kitchen. That's why, whenever we were designing the kitchen, I was conflicted on going with the traditional single bowl farmhouse sink vs a double bowl farmhouse sink. My sister Bethany and her husband … Continue reading Farmhouse Sink: Single VS Double Bowl Sink

Barndominium Slab (Engineered VS Non-Engineered Slab)

Engineered Slab $25,000.00 Non Engineered Slab $15,000.00 The decision to choose what type of slab we were going to pick was stressful for both my husband and I. The thought of saving $10,000.00 was a huge decision, because we wanted the slab to be built correctly. We paid $500 for engineered slab plans to be … Continue reading Barndominium Slab (Engineered VS Non-Engineered Slab)