Barndominium Slab (Engineered VS Non-Engineered Slab)

Engineered Slab $25,000.00

Non Engineered Slab $15,000.00

The decision to choose what type of slab we were going to pick was stressful for both my husband and I. The thought of saving $10,000.00 was a huge decision, because we wanted the slab to be built correctly. We paid $500 for engineered slab plans to be drawn up and started getting quotes from local slab contractors.

We have a friend that builds houses, and he gave us the contact information for the business he uses for slab work. He has always been happy with his work. So contacting this business, with a trusted reference, gave me peace of mind. We took our plans to the slab contractor and he gave us a quote for an engineered slab of $25,000.00 and a non engineered slab for $15,000.00.

Since my husband and I are new to this house business, we really wanted to make sure we made the right decision for our house. We asked him all kinds of questions on why we should go the route of not doing an engineered slab. He told us he can dig beams throughout the home based off our plans and it would be perfect for this type of house. He said engineered slabs are extremely excessive when it comes to digging pillars throughout the house.

After talking with him we felt confident about doing a non engineered slab. We were beyond thrilled to save $10,000.00. Now that we have finished the slab, I was extremely impressed at how he ran his business. His team of employees worked quickly and every measurement was spot on. The owner of the business was onsite watching his team work the entire time. This is what I liked best about him. He made sure his team was working hard and doing things right. This gave me peace of mind.

(In this picture the owner is the man in the red shirt. He watched his team throughout the entire project.)

Now that we are living in the house, we are so happy with how the slab turned out, and so glad we were able to save $10,000.00.

We are documenting our building process on my Instagram page : Hunt farmhouse


14 thoughts on “Barndominium Slab (Engineered VS Non-Engineered Slab)

      1. yes on my blog the post that is title “1800 sq ft floor plan” has a picture of the plans. Also on my Instagram page huntfarmhouse I have a picture of it as well.


  1. I’ve also been looking into a metal building for a home. 2 questions. 1) what made you choose to keep the concrete as your flooring? 2) how is the heating/cooling for the metal home? cost up or down?


    1. We kept the concrete flooring because it was cheeped to stain in ourselves vs put wood flooring down. Also I really like the stain concrete look.
      The heating and cooling is just like any other home if you do spray foam. We have noticed our electric bill being cheaper than our last house and it was a traditional style house.


  2. We live in the same area as y’all in central Texas but south of Waco. We want to build a metal building house, also. Would you mind sharing the contractors you used on this project?


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